Boat Owners Policy

Updated Nov’ 2009

Boat Owners joining a Club Trip

The Royal County of Berkshire Yacht Club (RBYC) welcomes boat owners to the club and encourages these owners to join in with club trips.  Boat Owners joining a trip will be in one of two scenarios:

1) Boat Owner with a Non-coded boat.

Boat owners with non-coded boats are welcome to join club trips. Club trips of a cruising nature are the most suitable for Boat owners to join.  Training weekends (eg: JM Cup) where it is expected club members are training in new skills may not be suitable for boat owner trips due to the higher than normal risk of damage to the boat. Trips will each be designated Cruising or Training on the Website.

Participation should be advised to the Cruising Secretary as soon as possible.

The boat owner may offer places on their boat to club members however this MUST not be to members who have already registered for the trip on the website so as not to disturb the planning & funding of the event.

It is the owner’s responsibility to make it clear to the RBYC members that this is not an organised RBYC event and they are not covered by the club insurance in these trips. 

It is the responsibility of the boat owner to agree any costs involved in advance with any crew, including what happens in the case of damage. The RBYC does not take any responsibility for any non payment or disagreements.

Cruising Secretary and/or Club Skippers will keep the boat owner abreast of trip plans for the weekend, The owner and crew are welcome to join the crew meeting to be fully appraised of the plans.  However the club will not organise the boat owners berthing or planning for any trip. 

2) Boat Owner with MCA Coded Boat, chartered by the Club

If an owner does have a coded boat, we would welcome the opportunity to charter the boat (skippered or bareboat).

The boat will be booked in advance and the boat owner should give ideally 3 months notice for planning purposes

The RBYC reserves the right to choose to charter the boat and chose the crew placed.

If the boat is skippered by the boat owner, they should have commercial endorsement, and ,must have their own insurance

RBYC members will be covered by the Club Insurance for public liability equal to any other Chartered Trip.



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