Eligibility and Difficulty Levels for Club Trips
Extracts from the RBYC Operations Manual v2020 (still current)
7.7             Trip Eligibility policy

The club wishes for as many members to enjoy sailing as possible but recognises that some trips may be challenging for some members due to their health or physical capability.

Trips advertised on the cruising pages will include the difficulty level of the trip.  Club members should email the cruising secretary before booking on a trip if they are in any doubt about their suitability for the trip.

Skippers and the cruising secretary have the right to exclude members from a trip if they are not physically capable of handling the possible conditions which may be encountered on the trip.  After the deposit has been made the Cruising secretary or the designated skipper will check with any crew members who may be unsuitable for the trip.  This will be discussed with the individual privately. A final check will take place at the time of the crew meeting to avoid any later disappointment.

The senior skippers will arbitrate in the case of any disputes.

7.8                 Trip Difficulty Levels

In order to help set expectations for what might be encountered on a trip, we have defined 3 levels of difficulty which might be expected.  Whilst we cannot predict the weather when setting up the trip, these provide a guideline for what to expect.  Typically, in bad weather the skipper will alter the trip to a lower level to take into account the conditions.  For example, a level 3 trip across the channel might be altered to a level 2 coastal passage trip in the event of expected strong winds and rough seas.

Level 1

·         Day sailing
·         Less than 20 nautical miles per day
·         Sheltered conditions (for example within Solent or Mediterranean)
·         Dinner when moored or anchored
·         Sea state generally slight or less

Level 2

·         Some possible night hours but not overnight passage
·         20-30 nautical miles per day
·         Short coastal passages
·         Dinner when moored or anchored
·         Sea state generally moderate or less
·         Crew capable of putting in reef to main sail

Level 3

·         Overnight passage(s)
·         Up to 70 nautical miles per day
·         Cross channel or long coastal passage
·         Sea state generally rough or less
·         Several meals at sea
·         Crew expected to participate in watch system
·         Crew capable of putting in reef to main sail at night

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